We are looking for individuals that are interested in pursuing a private business in home inspections as a Franchisee of Access Home Inspection Services Inc.

We would also be willing to help the right people get started by hiring them as employees for a period of time and help them to transition to their own franchisee.

Access Home Inspection is based upon early, prepared, competent inspectors. Providing detailed and complete reports with excellent customer relations and service. Having a centralized call and booking center frees the Franchisee to focus on the profitability of their business.

Our business model provides sufficient inspectors in an urban area to reasonably service all customers that want to hire our inspectors, using a centralized call and booking center, while making every effort to ensure good incomes for Franchisees. This enables a good level of freedom for franchisees to balance a profitable business with personal time.

Some items that Access Home Inspection provides;
• Provide training and opportunity for Franchisee’s to grow their business.
• Provide all templates for programs to properly inspect homes
• Provide a growth orientated environment
• Oversee advertising
• Maintain and monitor standards (company, Franchisee and any expansion)
• Modify programs, services and standards as required to keep business current and competitive
• Mediate any disagreements
• Oversee call center

Why would you want to be a home inspector?
• You enjoy going thru homes in detail documenting issues.
• You enjoy helping people prioritize issues when they are purchasing a home so that they know what to expect.
• Earning capabilities from $60,000 per year up to $160,000 or more if you hire your own employees.
• Ability to write off portions of your house, car, utilities, and other items as a small business.
• Able to control time better and get better work life balance

What does it take to be a good home inspector?
• We require someone that is educated and experienced in home construction in general, or specifically in structural or civil engineering.
• Must have excellent verbal and written English skills.
• Needs to be exceptionally detail orientated.
• Diligently operate and test all aspects of a home.
• Needs to be able to accurately sort, document and communicate priorities as they relate to a home.
• Able to do shift work
• Must be licensed to be a home inspector in Alberta.

Education requirements:
We require someone with specific experience with building envelope and water control, or someone that has strong structural skills specifically with residential homes.

Some transferable trades would be;
• Quality control with a major builder (over 100 homes per year), 2 plus years experience
• Site supervisor with a major builder, 5 plus years experience
• Construction manager with a major builder, 2 plus years experience
• Possibly exterior cladding installer with 5 plus years experience (with industry designated training)
• Civil Engineering Technologist 2 years plus experience
• Construction Engineering Technologist 2 years plus experience
• Structural Engineering Technologist 2 years plus experience
• Construction management Technologist 2 years plus experience

Communication requirements:
We require someone that has strong written and verbal English skills as it doesn’t matter how good of an inspector you are if you cannot neatly collate and communicate issues in a clear logical order to our clients.

• A customer service background is good because you will have to interface between realtors, clients, homeowners and other people on a daily basis. You will have to know how to deal with all these people with respect.
• Ability to operate Applications on phone and computer programs as needed to document reports.
• Strong organisational skills so that you can sort priorities for clients when the are purchasing homes.
• Clear concise speaking skills to be able to orally report to clients on site.
• Able to clearly use phone to communicate with clients, Realtors or others as needed.
• Able to clearly and concisely use email to communicate with clients, realtors or others as needed

Misc requirements:
• Able to work without supervision
• Excellent time manager
Reasonably athletic/healthy including:
• Ability to climb ladders (up to 25 ft), potentially walk on some roofs.
• Able to unfold and put in place large ladders.
• Ability to repetitively climb stairs.
• Able to crouch repetitively.
• Able to carry objects of up to 50 plus pounds up and down stairs.
• Able to reach above your head repetitively.
• Able to crawl into enclosed spaces.
• Good eyesight.
• Good hearing.

Financial requirements
• Required to have newer pick-up truck with canopy or SUV
• Branding of said vehicle
• Purchase between $5000 to $20000 worth of tools (some financing, or sharing options can be offered)
• Purchase and branding of shirts, jackets, hats etc.
• Purchase of electronics and programs, including phone, computer, programs, etc $1000 to $5000
• Membership in training associations as currently required, $1000

For the right person we might to work out some sort of arrangement where we finance part or all of the above items over several years in order to help you get started.
Send in your resume complete with a letter explaining why we would benefit from having you part of our team to: