Who We Are

Professional Residential Home Inspectors

Access Home Inspection Services Inc. is located in Edmonton and provides professional detailed home inspections since 2009. We have all the necessary tools and experience to ensure you receive the right information when making your purchasing decision.

Through both practical experience and continued education Access has incredible insight into current building codes, practices, and the sciences surrounding them as well as how this applies to older homes.

We use the latest gadgets in home inspection technology including thermal imaging, moisture meters, carbon monoxide detectors, gas leak detector and drones.

Access team Jamie Keith Dejan Hursin and Dylan Vogel


Our inspections are completed using a combination of skills and specialized industry tools like thermal imaging, moisture meters, carbon monoxide detectors and combustible gas detection at every inspection to ensure your home is safe.

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Meet the Inspectors

Dejan Hursin
Dejan Hursin
Alberta Home Inspector
(Lic. #343935)

Dejan Hursin has extensive experience inspecting new homes and expansive knowledge of Alberta New Home Warranty program guidelines. He also has vast experience overseeing the residential build process from start to finish including all the systems within the house. He is very familiar with building codes and practices applicable to both new and old homes.

Jamie Keith
Jamie Keith

Alberta Home Inspector
(Lic. #332426)
Canadian Certified Home Inspector (CCHI)
Civil Engineering Technologist

Jamie Keith has a broad background in substrates, concrete, foundations and structural wood. In his spare time Jamie takes great pride in mentoring and training up a coming home inspectors and ensuring they are properly trained to meet a high level of competency. He is also a board member of AlbertaNACHI (provincial branch of InterNACHI).

Dylan Vogel
Dylan Vogel
Alberta Home Inspector
(Lic. #332363)
WETT Certified
(Lic. #13181)

Dylan Vogel is a skilled gas technician with experience in heating equipment and installation in both residential and commercial applications. He ensures compliance with relevant codes, standards and regulations. His mechanical appitude enables him to quickly solve issues pertaining to home inspection issues. He has also served in the Canadian Armed Forces.