Sewer Line Inspection  

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A sewer line inspection involves using a special video camera that is fed down your sewer line through a clean out, vent line or removed toilet inside the house that digitally records the condition of the sewer line either within the house or all the way to the city sewers.

The reason that you would want to do a sewer line inspection is that it can cost $5000, $10,000 or more to replace a failed sewer line.

RootsPrior to the 1990's a lot of homes in Edmonton had been constructed using clay sewer lines. The problem with this is clay pipes are easier for trees to force their roots into and less flexible than PVC pipes (easier to break).

Roots that work their way into the pipes will cause blockages and eventually collapse of the sewer line. 

What homes are at risk?

  • Any home built prior to 1990Roots in Sewer Line
  • Houses with large trees
  • Homes with garburators
  • If a large amount of grease has been flushed down the lines
  • Homes with cast iron pipes
  • If your toilets, sinks or tubs drain slowly or glugs
  • If water backs up in floor drains
  • If in the yard leading to the city sewer lines there is a 'ditch' caused by the sewer line collapsing.

RootsTrained technicians will come to your home and perform a video inspection of the sewer lines, providing pictures, distance down the line and potential solutions that you can have done. Note that we do not repair the problem, so we have nothing to gain by exaggerating the problem. We provide you a flash drive with color pictures as well as a full video trip down the line. We can also e-mail you a full color report.

Note that you can also get the contractor just to repair the part that is damaged, the whole line does not necessarily need to be dug up.